Friday, December 7, 2012

2 incidents with Narayan Gopal

These are two unforgettable incidents told by Prakash Sayami:

Incident 1 - Koili and Koila 

Once when Prakash Sayami with one of his journalist friends went to take and interview of Narayan Gopal.

A question was, "A good female single is sometimes referred as 'Koili'. What do you think a good male singer be called?"

Narayan Gopal's answer, "A 'koila'. After singing a lot and drinking, his liver is burned out - like a coal (koila)."

Narayan Gopal was an excessive drinker and that was one of the causes of his death.

Incident 2 - Job Interview

At the time when Narayan Gopal was the General Manager of Sanskirtik Sansthan. Prakash Sayami was there for a job interview. During the interview Narayan Gopal asked, "You wanted a job of an artist, what can you play?"

Prakash Sayami answered, "All I can play is a radio."

Narayan Gopal got angry and told, "He can't do anything."


The incidents in Prakash Sayami's words, in Nepali:


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