Friday, November 30, 2012

5 more unknown facts about Narayan Gopal

This is the continuation of 'Unknown facts about Narayan Gopal' series by Prakash Sayami. Links to previous posts:

Here are 5 more facts:

  1. The first teacher of Narayan Gopal was his father Asha Gopal Guruwacharya and his another teacher was musician Manik Ratna. Narayan Gopal sang his first song on the music of his friend Prem Dhoj and teacher Manik Ratna.
  2. Narayan Gopal studied music in Maharaja Firdaus Sangeet Vidyalaya in Baduda, India. At that time, he sang the popular song 'Chinari Hamro Dherai Purano ..." and presented it to his girlfriend of the time, Pemala Lama.
  3. In his initial days, Narayan Gopal sang by the name 'NG' in Rado Nepal.
  4. At the time Narayan Gopal was the Managing Director of Sanskritik Sansthan he had sacked some 25 artists. Among them were Sushila Rayamajhi, his teacher Manik Ratna, Shreedhar Poudel, Hari Bamsha Acharya and Madan Lama.
  5. Narayan Gopal and Gopal Yonjan were good friends and 'Mitjyu' (very close friends 'mit' are officially declared by a special ceremony). Gopal Yonjan's first girlfriend Madan Pradhan had introduced the two music artists for the first time. Nagendra Thapa helped in building up their friendship. They became a special friends 'mit' after poet Ishowr Ballav Bhattarai organized a ceremony by lighting fire on a 'makal'.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

6 more unknown facts about Narayan Gopal

This is the continuation of 'Unknown facts about Narayan Gopal' series by Prakash Sayami. Links to the related previous posts are:

Here are 6 more facts:

  1. Naryan Gopal was titled 'Swor Samrat' by Nagendra Thapa in 2027. The title was publicized by journalist/novelist/lyrist Shiva Adhikari.
  2. Narayan Gopal had recorded 157 songs in his life. He sang three songs in his mother tongue, Newari, but none were recorded. He had saved those songs in his cassette player. Two of the songs were written by Girija Prasad Joshi and one by Durgalal Shrestha.
  3. First solo concert of Narayan Gopal was organized in Silgudi, West Bangal, India. The event was managed by musician Divya Khaling.
  4. After Arunma Lama Night Narayan Gopal and Ambar Gurung parted and didn't talk with each other. It was only in 2041 BS, during the time of the recording of 'Malati Mangale' poet Madhav Ghimire helped them get together again.
  5. During the royalty era, Narayan Gopal only sang two songs written by the royal members. One was written by Chandani Shah and another by Rabindra Shah.
  6. Apart from editing a magazine, Narayan Gopal had written a few articles. His essay "Devkota Bacheko Bhaya" was published in Madhuparka monthly and "Baudhik Bhanine Shrasta" (on Parijat) was published in Gorkhapatra daily.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

7 more unknown facts about Narayan Gopal

Noted Nepali film personality Prakash Sayami has compiled 7 more unknown facts about the greatest singer of Nepali musical history, Narayan Gopal.

  1. Narayan Gopal started his theater journey by acting as a blind person in a play named "Tyag" in 2013 BS.
  2. Narayan Gopal's stage journey started by playing Tabla on the song of Prem Dhoj Pradhan during TC Night event in Trichandra College. In most of Prem Manik's song, Narayan Gopal used to play Tabala. The music director of the song he sung for the voice test in Radio Nepal was also Prem Manik.
  3. In the first year of his marriage he taught history in Amarsingh High School in Pokhara. In that time he lived as a guest in poet Bhupi Sherchan. Later he moved to Shyam Kachapati's house.
  4. Narayan Gopal's body builder friends used to call him 'Sando Pahalman'. Both of his body builder friends Tarzen Singh and Toofan Singh have already died.
  5. In 2036 BS while he went to the stage to sing in 'Samjhanako Raat' program he challenged from the stage, "If you want to fight I am ready come one-by-one."
  6. In the movie 'Pariwartan' he told that he won't sing a duet song and forced to add a solo song. The solo song 'Bhujnai Sakinau Timile Mero Aankha ko Bhaka... ' was his debut song in movie. The song was written by Chetan Karki and music by V. Balsara.
  7. When an ADC from the palace brought a song by Chandani Shah (then queen, Aishwarya) he got annoyed and asked him not go come again. He didn't want to sing the song. The palace wasn't happy by such a behavior of Narayan Gopal. But, later he sang the song, earning him the highest payment he ever received for singing a song.

The original text of Prakash Sayami in Nepali follows:


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

8 Unknown Facts about Narayan Gopal

Film Maker, Writer, Media Personality Prakash Sayami has written about 8 unknown facts about Narayan Gopal. Here are rough translation of the Nepali text:

  1. To the ones he didn't like he used to say, 'One blow is not enough and two blows kills him.'
  2. He used call Gopal Yonjan by 'Mitjyu' and Divya Khaling by 'Som'
  3. Two of his songs were controversial. 'Galti Hazaar Hunchhan...' was banned in Radio Nepal. Another song, 'Aajha Bholi Harek Sanjh...' was behind the misunderstanding between the lyricist Bhim Birag and the musician Madhu Chhetri. The song was also removed from the music cassette.
  4. When a Baidhya businessman offered Narayan Gopal Rs. 200,000 to go to Bombay for recording his first album, Narayan Gopal refused by saying that he doesn't want a smuggler's money.
  5. Narayan Gopal refused an award because of the condition that he had to sing on stage. That was the first award from a movie.
  6. Like Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan, Narayan Gopal stayed away from media for three years. He banned government media like Jagjit Singh. He didn't sing for Radio Nepal in later stage of his life.
  7. Narayan Gopal's nickname was 'Gaida'. Those who didn't like him they used to call by this nickname. Those who like Narayan Gopal they used to call by the nickname 'Sanubhai'. Now, every Nepali knows him as 'Sworsamrat'.
  8. At the time he was the General Manager of Sanskritik Sansthan the condition was very bad. When the Indian Embassy wanted to help he refused. He started by showing plays like 'Corss ma Tangiyeko Jindagi' and was successful in purchasing a red car.

These facts in Prakash Sayami's words: