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Biography of Aruna Lama

This website is dedicated to Narayan Gopal. To make this website complete, biographies of other artists who had worked with Narayan Gopal are also being added. Here is the biography of legendary singer Aruna Lama:


Date of birth: 9th September 1945
Place of birth: Darjeeling,India. 
Spouse/ Partner: Sharan Pradhan
Father Name: Surya Bahadur Lama
Mothers Name: Sanmaya Lama
Education :
Mungpoo Primary School, Jalapahar, St Teresa’s 1956. Completed Graduation in Arts from Darjeeling Govt. College
Occupation :
Worked as Assistant Teacher in St Alphonsus (1965),Worked as Inspector of The Scheduled Castes and Tribes Welfare till 1997
Achievements/Awards :
Sangit Puraskar (1966)
Sur Sringar Sammelan Puraskar (1966)
Mitrasen Puraskar (Asam Nepali Sahitya /Sanskritik Parisha,Dibrugarh (1975)
Dishari Puraskar (Kolkata 1980)
Bhanu Academy Puraskar (Darjeeling 1982)
Nepali Chalchitra Puraskar (Maiti Ghar 1983)
Chinnlata Gett Puraskar (Kathmandu-Nepal 1992)
Urvashi Rang Puraskar (Kathmandu-Nepal 1992)
Mitrasen Sangeet Puraskar (Gangtok-Sikkim 1995)
Gorkha Dakshin Bahu 4th (Kathmandu-Nepal 1996)
Sadhna Puraskar (Kathmandu-Nepal)
Nightingale of the Hills-Hindustan Recording Sangsthan-Kolkata
Swar Kinnari-Sitaram Sahitya Pratisthan ,(Kathmandu-Nepal)
Swar Samagri-Arunanjali Programme(Kathmandu-Nepal)
Accolades and Programmes : Raag Rajat(Rajat Jayanti) Gorkha Rangamanch - Darjeeling 1981
Arunanjali- Pragya Bhawan-Kathmandu-Nepal
Aruna Lama Swarnim Saanjh-Pragya Bhawan-Kathmandu-Nepal
Biography of Aruna Lama

Biography Summary

Aruna Lama was one of the most renowned and talented singers of Nepal. Because of her popularity and her voice, she is also known as “Swar Samraagi”. She is most popular for her sentimental songs than romantic ones. She has chosen songs that touch the heart and help the listener reflect on their sorrow. Like her songs, Aruna Lama's own life was full of sorrow and mishaps.

Early life of Aruna Lama:

Aruna Lama was born a daughter of Surya Bahadur Lama and Sanmaya. She was born on September 9, 1945 (2002, Bhadra 24 B.S) in Darjeeling, India. Because of her voice, she became quite popular in the in the locality. She charmed her listeners and soon she became known as the Nightingale of the Hills. 
Aruna was inspired by her uncle CB Lama to start singing in her early life. She started singing at the early age of seven. She won a Music Competition organized by the Gorkha Dukha Niwarak Sangh in the year 1956 at the age of 11. Later, renowned singer Ambar Gurung groomed her from 1958.

Middle Life of Aruna Lama:

Aruna Lama got married in her teens to Saran Pradhan a musician, lyricist and composer. After getting married on on 9th July, 1963 she became so busy with her married life. She had little time to devote to singing. Musicians and artists requested Aruna to get back into singing. She sang to the music composition by Karma Yonzon, Gopal Yonzon, Ambar Gurung , Shanti Thatal, Narayan Gopal, Mani Kamal Chettri, Dibya Khaling and others. Soon se became one of the most sought after female singers of all time.
But, at the midnight of 1974 May-4th she lost her beloved husband. She was left alone to to support herself and her two children. She struggled through the difficulties in her life. She started to work at the Chit fund from where she soon found work at The Scheduled Castes and Tribes Welfare Office. She served the office till the end of her life in 1998. 
Being a strong willed person, Aruna Lama continued her musical journey along with her job. 

Later Life of Aruna Lama:

Aruna Lama passed away on the 4th February, 1998. Although she is no longer with us, her voice lives on and her memories remains in the hearts of the Nepalese people.

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Biography & a rare interview of Narayan Gopal

This is a report about a rare interview of Narayan Gopal and his biography. It has already been almost 30 years since the death of the legendary singer. The video also features artists at the time of last goodbye of the singer.

You can see how young the popular artists were at the time. Noted artists include Madan Krishan Shrestha, Hari Bamsha Acharya, Nir Shah, Suryamala Sharma and others. 

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Albums of Narayan Gopal and the start of his music career

Main albums of Narayna Gopal:

  • Geeti Shrandanjali Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4 (4 volumes) 
  • Swarnim Sandhya - Part 1 & Part 2 (2 volumes)
  • Priyasika Yaadharu
  • Premko Mala
  • Manchheko Maya
  • Malai Nasodha
  • Laligurash Bhayachhu
  • Aljhechha kyare
  • Timro Manma 
  • Giti Yatra - Part 1
  • Narayan Gopal Ka Aadhunik Geetharu (Part 1 to Part 9 - 9 volumes)
  • Malati Mangale (Lyrical Play)
Narayna Gopal started singing while he was studying in Trichandra College. On the 40th anniversary of the college, Narayan Gopal performed for the first time in a public program. He didn't sing in the program - he was the Tabala-player in the performance.

The first person who identified his singing talent was his friend Manikratna Stapit. Manikratna used to live in Pyukha Tole, near Kilagal where Narayan Gopal used to live. Nearby, in Bheda Singh, Prem Dhoj Pradhan used to live. These three talents used to meet and sing together.

Narayan Gopal used to sing Hindi songs by changing the words, for fun. He was more into Tabala playing. Manak Ratna's uncle, Siddhi Ratna was a musician. His house was like a music school. They could experiment all types of music in Manik Ratna's place. But, Narayan Gopal's home was more into classic music. Narayan Gopal's father, Asha Gopal Guruwacharya has banned modern music in his home. He used to consider the modern music too light and lack-luster. But, Narayan Gopal liked modern music.

Prem and Mank had started to compose their own songs and had started singing. Narayan Gopal wanted to do a new style of singing. He asked his friend Ratna Shumsher Thapa to write six songs for him. Out of them he sang, four songs alone and two were duet songs. These were the songs:

  1. Sworgai Rani 
  2. Aankha ko Bhakha Aankhalile
  3. Bho bho malai nachheka
  4. Madhumashma yo dil 
  5. Bichod ko Pida
  6. A Kanchha Thattaima Yo Baish 

These songs were recorded in Calcutta of India. These songs established Narayan Gopal as a credible singer of Nepal.

At the time when the East-West highway was undergoing construction - Narayan Gopal sang "Jaga Jaga Chamka He Naujawana ho ..."

That was how Narayan Gopal started his singing career.