Tuesday, November 27, 2012

8 Unknown Facts about Narayan Gopal

Film Maker, Writer, Media Personality Prakash Sayami has written about 8 unknown facts about Narayan Gopal. Here are rough translation of the Nepali text:

  1. To the ones he didn't like he used to say, 'One blow is not enough and two blows kills him.'
  2. He used call Gopal Yonjan by 'Mitjyu' and Divya Khaling by 'Som'
  3. Two of his songs were controversial. 'Galti Hazaar Hunchhan...' was banned in Radio Nepal. Another song, 'Aajha Bholi Harek Sanjh...' was behind the misunderstanding between the lyricist Bhim Birag and the musician Madhu Chhetri. The song was also removed from the music cassette.
  4. When a Baidhya businessman offered Narayan Gopal Rs. 200,000 to go to Bombay for recording his first album, Narayan Gopal refused by saying that he doesn't want a smuggler's money.
  5. Narayan Gopal refused an award because of the condition that he had to sing on stage. That was the first award from a movie.
  6. Like Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan, Narayan Gopal stayed away from media for three years. He banned government media like Jagjit Singh. He didn't sing for Radio Nepal in later stage of his life.
  7. Narayan Gopal's nickname was 'Gaida'. Those who didn't like him they used to call by this nickname. Those who like Narayan Gopal they used to call by the nickname 'Sanubhai'. Now, every Nepali knows him as 'Sworsamrat'.
  8. At the time he was the General Manager of Sanskritik Sansthan the condition was very bad. When the Indian Embassy wanted to help he refused. He started by showing plays like 'Corss ma Tangiyeko Jindagi' and was successful in purchasing a red car.

These facts in Prakash Sayami's words:


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