Thursday, November 29, 2012

6 more unknown facts about Narayan Gopal

This is the continuation of 'Unknown facts about Narayan Gopal' series by Prakash Sayami. Links to the related previous posts are:

Here are 6 more facts:

  1. Naryan Gopal was titled 'Swor Samrat' by Nagendra Thapa in 2027. The title was publicized by journalist/novelist/lyrist Shiva Adhikari.
  2. Narayan Gopal had recorded 157 songs in his life. He sang three songs in his mother tongue, Newari, but none were recorded. He had saved those songs in his cassette player. Two of the songs were written by Girija Prasad Joshi and one by Durgalal Shrestha.
  3. First solo concert of Narayan Gopal was organized in Silgudi, West Bangal, India. The event was managed by musician Divya Khaling.
  4. After Arunma Lama Night Narayan Gopal and Ambar Gurung parted and didn't talk with each other. It was only in 2041 BS, during the time of the recording of 'Malati Mangale' poet Madhav Ghimire helped them get together again.
  5. During the royalty era, Narayan Gopal only sang two songs written by the royal members. One was written by Chandani Shah and another by Rabindra Shah.
  6. Apart from editing a magazine, Narayan Gopal had written a few articles. His essay "Devkota Bacheko Bhaya" was published in Madhuparka monthly and "Baudhik Bhanine Shrasta" (on Parijat) was published in Gorkhapatra daily.

Here is the original of the fact sheet in Prakash Sayami's word (in Nepali)

6-unknown_facts_narayan Gopal

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