Friday, November 30, 2012

5 more unknown facts about Narayan Gopal

This is the continuation of 'Unknown facts about Narayan Gopal' series by Prakash Sayami. Links to previous posts:

Here are 5 more facts:

  1. The first teacher of Narayan Gopal was his father Asha Gopal Guruwacharya and his another teacher was musician Manik Ratna. Narayan Gopal sang his first song on the music of his friend Prem Dhoj and teacher Manik Ratna.
  2. Narayan Gopal studied music in Maharaja Firdaus Sangeet Vidyalaya in Baduda, India. At that time, he sang the popular song 'Chinari Hamro Dherai Purano ..." and presented it to his girlfriend of the time, Pemala Lama.
  3. In his initial days, Narayan Gopal sang by the name 'NG' in Rado Nepal.
  4. At the time Narayan Gopal was the Managing Director of Sanskritik Sansthan he had sacked some 25 artists. Among them were Sushila Rayamajhi, his teacher Manik Ratna, Shreedhar Poudel, Hari Bamsha Acharya and Madan Lama.
  5. Narayan Gopal and Gopal Yonjan were good friends and 'Mitjyu' (very close friends 'mit' are officially declared by a special ceremony). Gopal Yonjan's first girlfriend Madan Pradhan had introduced the two music artists for the first time. Nagendra Thapa helped in building up their friendship. They became a special friends 'mit' after poet Ishowr Ballav Bhattarai organized a ceremony by lighting fire on a 'makal'.

The original text of Prakash Sayami in Nepali:

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